James Borishade is a gifted worship leader and an anointed bible teacher with an engaging and change provoking message. The Word of God comes alive when James speaks. He leaves audiences with tools to increase faith, improve communication, inspire performance & deliver results. An expert on relationships and cross-generational issues, leadership, change, motivation, personal development and business. James has been featured on...

Top 3 Reasons to Book Me for Your Next Event

  1. He spends TIME with your audience
    The number one reason he speaks is because of his passion for people. James brings more than two decades of experience as a bible teacher to the stage - and off the stage as well. You'll find him walking around engaging with the audience during his keynote or sermon as well as taking the time to speak to audience members after his keynote.

  2. He addresses REAL ISSUES
    He provides practical but biblical solutions to everyday situations. Using a blend of humor and life experiences, James provides your audiences with the knowledge they need to survive, the understanding they need to go forward and the wisdom they need to thrive.

  3. He makes your job EASY
    His #1 priority is to make you and the event look good! His questions for you will be centered around what you need, how he can customize his message to your audience, and how he can contribute to making your event even more successful.

How can I book James?

I would love to help make your event a huge success! Whether you're interested in an intimate gathering for leaders, a single speaking engagement or a series of speaking engagements, I will cater the resources to your specific needs! Submit the speaking request information and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Here's the best way to reach me:

Direct line: 708.406.5544
Email: booking@jamesborishade.com