James Borishade is an artist, songwriter, producer and social entrepreneur whose new release ‘Breathe Again’ is making waves across the nation.

As a social activist, through Circle Urban Ministries, he works to help people in the disadvantaged neighborhood of Austin (Chicago). He is in the process of completing a women and children’s recovery home to house 12 families on the Circle Urban Ministries Campus.

Born on Chicago’s South Side

Born on Chicago’s south side, James had a comfortable middle-class upbringing: his father, worked for the federal government. Young James began making music at the age of 11 and began singing under the name B.J. and formed the group Protege with 3 friends, Laron Armstead, Timothy Crawford and Alvin Davis.

In his junior year at Morgan Park High School, Protege caught the attention of record executives who began grooming their style. James quickly became known as the lovable “bad boy” of the group. As one of the groups songwriter his unique style of street and gospel flare was well ahead of its time. The group was offered a recording contract and was geared to move forward.  His parents, refused to sign the contract and insisted that James attend college.  As a result, James attended Northern Illinois University (NIU) and graduated with a degree from the NIU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

James in Ministry

James found Christ at a Bible study at NIU and later began leading the study.  College students throughout the campus heard about his easy to understand teaching format and began filling NIU’s Student Center cafe every Tuesday night.  After graduation James founded an online bible study.

The first online study was held in 2001 and quickly began reaching people all across the globe.  For more than 15 years James Borishade inspired thousands of believers to develop a closer relationship with Christ, through his practical-style Bible studies.  James has been on a mission to help people live fully committed lives for Christ. James continues his teachings through his work at Circle Urban Ministries. His teachings focus on empowering believers to develop a closer walk with Christ and inspiring them to impact the world around them as individuals, workers, consumers and community members.

James continues his ministry through teachings and music.  His music is infused with his signature blend of street, gospel, hip hop and rock.

To invite James to speak at your church, conference, workshop or lead worship please send an email to jamesb(AT)  James can also be reached at 708-406-5544.